Aerial Conveyor

Functionality of the Aerial Conveyor

Machinery designed for automated air transport in the meat industry, adaptable to all types of track systems.

The traction is carried out by direct transmission with a planetary gear motor so that we can achieve the speed that is needed. The drive shafts are made of F-125, ensuring sufficient strength for use. All auxiliary transmission elements (crowns, axles, bushings, etc.) are manufactured in F-114 or F-125. Like the conveyor frame, all elements made of carbon steel will undergo a subsequent hot-dip galvanized surface treatment.

Traction conveyors and horizontal development

Designed for transporting carcasses in high production plants in: bleeding, dressing, entry and exit of chambers and openings. The manufacture with forged chains allows the towing of very large loads with one or more tractor heads.

Drive Unit

It is equipped with a planetary gear motor with large diameter rings made of F-114 with hardened and zinc-plated teeth. The conveyors are manufactured using UPN profiles in F-111 steel, receiving a subsequent hot-dip galvanized surface treatment.

Trolleys and Chains

Mecanova has a differential horizontal carcasses conveyor design, which is the one that has the best performance for the transport of all types of carcasses. It equips European-made forged chains with exclusive driving and pushing trolleys, which guarantee the highest reliability and quality on the market.

Strain Unit

The chain straining is carried out by an elastic cylinder. The actuation of said cylinder is carried out using compressed air at a pressure of 4 bars. It has locking security systems in case of jamming, which prevents unexpected chain breaks.


The chain used is the 4” forged X-458 type and is guided by the UPN profiles using polyethylene wheels from which the pushers hang.

Scalding Conveyor

Designed to carry the animal either by dragging or suspended during the scalding phase. It usually equips a hooking system to move the carts and carcasses suspended from the chain itself and prevent falls within drag or vertical scalding systems through showers.

Dressing Conveyor

The special design of Mecanova conveyors are optimal for beef and pig slaughter.

Chamber Entry and Exit Conveyor

It allows you to cover any transportation need within a facility.

Fast Cooling Conveyor

It consists of a chamber conveyor that, in a zigzag shape, allows the animal to move and remain in a rapid cooling chamber for a period of time. It is equipped with a very high resistance chain.

Offals Conveyor

It transports the white and red offals synchronously with the slaughter conveyor and the offals conveyor belt to maintain traceability and enable correct veterinary inspection.

Sorting Conveyor

Intended to classify carcasses by batches and retrieve them from the cameras automatically from the control software.

Trays Conveyor

Chain conveyor for trays which can simultaneously transport white and red offals, as it incorporates a hook to hang the red offals from them. A tray turner can be attached to this type of conveyors as shown in the video, as well as an automatic washing system.

Vertical Conveyors

Vertical traction conveyors with a single forwarding and completely linear development.

Advantages of our Aerial Conveyor

  1. Resistant and robust equipment.
  2. Valid for any type of road.

Technical specifications

of our aerial conveyor

Galvanized steel construction
Transmission by direct gear motor to the shaft, with variable power and calculated with a high service factor
Drive module + tensioner module + transmissions with hardened teeth
Air pressure at 4 bars
Estimated rolling height: according to design
Conveyor length: according to design
Different types of chain: X-458.4″ / RTL Polyplanas
The speed depends on the reducer that is equipped and the variations of the control panel

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