Products depending on the type of Aerial Meat Rail Systems

Aerial Meat Rail Systems


Mecanova has been installing all types of aerial meat rails throughout Europe quickly and economically for almost 40 years, for the transport of beef, sheep and pork carcasses, as well as meat racks.

We are the ideal suppliers of tracks and rails for slaughterhouses, cutting plants, meat industries and logistics centers for three reasons:

  1. Our vast experience
  2. Equipment tested and proven by thousands of customers around the world
  3. Speed and quality in installation at the best price

Aerial Meat Rails for Slaughterhouses, Cutting Rooms and Cold Rooms adapted to your needs

Aerial railing for slaughterhouses and cutting plants is the ideal solution to optimize the transportation of heavy loads within your facility. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this track systems ensures efficient mobility of channels from the slaughter point to the processing areas. Its ability to withstand considerable loads guarantees a continuous flow in your production line.

The safety of your personnel and the integrity of your products are a priority in any environment, which is why the aerial meat rail system offers a safe and reliable solution for handling sensitive loads, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring a smooth production process.

Speed and European Quality at a Competitive Price

At Mecanova, we understand the importance of speed and efficiency in installation. Our ability to implement aerial meat rail systems quickly and with high quality standards sets us apart. In addition, we offer competitive prices, ensuring the best price-quality ratio for our clients.

Quality that is reflected in the trust of hundreds of customers around the world. Each of our aerial meat rail systems has been meticulously tested at various companies, demonstrating their strength, durability and exceptional performance.


  • We guarantee speed in the design and installation of our systems
  • Installations designed for long life and high load resistance
  • Any type of track: Twin-Track, Lattice Twin-Track, Tubular (with or without teflon), Flat-Track, etc
  • Structure and design calculation included