Auxiliary Products

for slaughterhouses

In the competitive world of the meat industry, efficiency and quality are key. That is why at MECANOVA we offer our latest generation auxiliary products that are transforming the way modern slaughterhouses are operated.

Trolleys, Gambrels and Hooks: Optimizing Meat Transportation

Our trolleys, gambrels and hooks are essential elements for a smooth operation. Precisely designed, they facilitate the safe and efficient transportation of meat within the slaughterhouse. The quality of construction and resistant materials guarantee durability and resistance over time.

Cutting Equipment: Precision in Every Cut

We understand the importance of precise cutting in the meat industry. Our cutting equipment incorporates the latest technology to guarantee clean and precise cuts. From sharp blades to advanced control systems, we offer solutions that elevate the quality of the final product.

Blood Treatment: Sustainable Management of By-Products

Blood treatment is a critical part of the process in any slaughterhouse. Our advanced solutions not only ensure efficient management of this by-product, but also focus on sustainable practices. We contribute to respect for the environment while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Offals Machinery: Efficiency in Internal Processing

Optimize internal processing with our specialized offals machinery. Designed to handle this delicate aspect of the process, our machinery ensures smooth and efficient operation, saving time and resources for our customers.

Hygiene Equipment: Meeting the Highest Standards

Hygiene is of utmost importance in the meat industry. Our hygiene equipment is designed with efficient cleaning and compliance with the most rigorous standards in mind. We guarantee an impeccable work environment to comply with all health regulations.

Weighing Equipment: Precision in Every Kilogram

Precise weight control is essential in the meat industry. Our weighing equipment offers the precision needed to ensure each product meets exact specifications. Maximize efficiency and avoid unnecessary waste with our weighing solutions.

Waste Treatment: Sustainability at the Center

At Mecanova, we are committed to sustainability. Our waste treatment equipment not only effectively manage waste, but also focus on eco-friendly practices. Contribute to environmental responsibility while keeping your slaughterhouse efficient.

Stunning Equipment: Animal Welfare in Focus

Stunning is a crucial part of the process, and our equipment is designed to ensure animal welfare. We adhere to the highest standards to minimize stress and ensure a process that complies with Animal Welfare.


  • The latest in auxiliary machinery technology
  • 100% European manufacturing quality
  • Transport to any part of the world
  • Variety for any type of animal that requires an installation
  • Durable equipment for a long-term investment
  • Contributes to the reduction of waste and emissions
  • Ensures the safety and well-being of workers