Super99 inaugurates its new Beef Cutting Plant in Panama with the help of Mecanova!

Great news! We are pleased to announce that the Beef Cutting Plant at the Super99 Distribution Center in Panama is officially up and running.

In this exciting project, the Mecanova team has worked hard to complete the installation, implementing state-of-the-art solutions that have revolutionized the efficiency and productivity of the process.

Efficiency and ergonomics: design that optimizes the meat cutting room

Our cutting room has been meticulously designed to provide an ergonomic and efficient experience. We especially highlight the new design of the chainring derailleurs, which not only guarantees greater reliability, but also reduces manufacturing and assembly costs. In addition, our innovative saddles and supports maximize the resistance of the material, optimizing its performance compared to traditional solutions. This track design, completely bolted and without the need for welding, has made it possible to reduce the jumps in the rolling of the plate splices, which translates into greater durability and efficiency.


Our custom installation includes a continuous height lift, which allows carcasses to be raised to an ideal working height for primal cuts. This minimizes meat handling and optimizes the cutting process, delivering the highest quality results.

In addition, we have implemented two lines of work using conveyor belts and work stations: one line for the front and one for the rear of the beef. This efficient organization ensures a fluid and orderly distribution of the cuts, improving the efficiency and speed of the process.

Driving profitability: mecanova contributes to the success of super99 through customized and efficient solutions from its beef cutting plant

We are sure that this new facility will be essential to improve the occupational health of the cutting staff at Super99, as well as to increase production performance. With these improvements, we will make it easier to pack cuts and, most importantly, we will boost the profitability of our valued customer’s entire beef chain.

At Mecanova, we are proud to have been part of this project and to have provided innovative solutions that have made a difference. We are committed to excellence and will continue to work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Congratulations to Super99 for this exciting implementation! We look forward to collaborating on future projects and contributing to the continued success of your business.