Modernizing a beef cutting room in Central America

Assembly of a new Beef Cutting Room in Panama

Assembly of a new Beef Cutting Room in Panama

We have completed the assembly of a new Beef Cutting Room in the Distribution Center of one of the largest hypermarket chains in Panama. 

The Mecanova team has completed the assembly of a new Beef Cutting Room, incorporating an ergonomic and efficient cutting solution, as well as stainless steel plate overhead rails.

It must be highlighted, the new design of the plate changes, a design that provides greater reliability, reduces manufacturing and assembly costs, as well as the saddles and supports which optimized design enhaces resistance and reduces cost. This design allows also a reduction in the assembly cost as it is completely bolted, avoiding welding, reducing the rolling jumps in the plate joints.

Custom installation

 The installation includes a continuous level elevator to raise the carcasses up to a working level in primary cut line which results in minimal handling of the meat, limiting it to cutting operations.

The quartering also has two working lines using conveyor belts and workstations, one for forequarters  and one for hindquarters.

We hope that this new facility will help to improve the health at work of the cutting staff, to increase production productivity, to ease the packaging of pieces and to raise the profitability of the entire beef processing chain of our client.

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