Blood Treatment


Variety of equipment designed to guarantee the quality of the final product, from the beginning of the process

Blood Treatment

Blood Treatment with innovative equipment, which not only improves efficiency in slaughterhouse processes, but also promotes more sustainable practices by transforming by-products into useful resources. The implementation of these technologies marks a step forward in the industry, fusing efficiency and sustainability.

Blood Cooker: Sustainable use

The blood cooker is a revolutionary machine designed to transform blood into cooked flour by using direct steam. This process reduces blood humidity from 82% to 40%. Thanks to this innovative machine, blood, previously considered a highly polluting product, is converted into flour that can be used as fertilizer or fodder. With variable capacities to adapt to slaughterhouse production, this equipment sets the standard for more sustainable production.

Blood Tank: Efficient Blood Storage and Treatment

The blood tank is conceived as an essential machine to store the blood sent from the bleeding tank before reaching the cooker. Equipped with a stirring system driven by a gear motor, this equipment prevents coagulation, ensuring the integrity of the product. With models adapted to different capacities, powers and production needs, the blood tank adapts to the diversity of slaughterhouse operations.

Blood Fiber Remover

The blood fiber remover is a piece of equipment designed to remove fibers from the blood, allowing it to be used as a food product. With a blade mechanism driven by a gear motor, this equipment maintains continuous movement, beating the blood and eliminating clots. A crucial tool to guarantee the quality and versatility of blood processed in slaughterhouses.

Peristaltic Blood Pump: pumping efficiency for Blood Treatment

Designed to pump blood from the bleeding area to the tanks or between tanks and cookers, the peristaltic pump stands out for its ability to drive and suck blood from a distance. Its continuous operation, even at almost zero flow rates, makes it ideal for low production lines, where the cadence of animals can result in times without blood. This efficient machine is capable of pumping blood even in the presence of clots, ensuring a constant flow.

Knife for Blood Treatment, hygiene and collection

The Trokart knife, made of stainless steel, is essential for the hygienic collection of blood without contamination. Its design guarantees a safe and clean bleeding process, contributing to the quality of the final product.

Wide range to make your installation profitable

We offer a wide range of blood treatment products, including:

  • Blood Cooker
  • Blood Tank
  • Blood Fiber Remover
  • Peristaltic Blood Pump
  • Bleeding Knife

Whether you have a local slaughterhouse or a large processing plant, at Mecanova we have the perfect solution for you.