Fast and efficient bleeding with every step.

Cattle Bleeding

Beef bleeding is an essential phase in the slaughter process in the meat industry, where the blood is extracted from the recently slaughtered animal, as well as its transportation and that of the carcasses. This procedure, an integral part of slaughter, is carried out to meet quality standards and respect ethical and religious requirements, especially in rituals such as Halal. During cattle bleeding, a precise incision is made in the main blood vessels of the animal’s neck, allowing the blood to drain completely, for this we have several products specifically designed for this.

Cattle bleeding as an important part of quality

The bleeding phase plays a crucial role in substantially improving meat quality in the meat industry. This process, an integral part of slaughter, is essential to ensure high quality meat from the beginning. By implementing efficient and carefully designed bleeding systems, a constant and precise flow is ensured, which directly contributes to obtaining top quality meat. These systems, by complying with strict ethical and animal welfare standards, guarantee that the process is continuous and that the animals do not suffer mistreatment, which has a positive impact on the final quality of the product.

Cattle bleeding respecting the Halal rite

The beef bleeding process is carried out meticulously and efficiently through a series of specialized products designed to guarantee quality and respect for ethical and religious standards. The reception table plays a crucial role in providing an organized and functional surface to receive slaughtered animals. The Bleeding Vat, for its part, facilitates the collection and controlled drainage of blood, ensuring a clean and efficient process. The Bleeding Elevator contributes to ergonomics and work efficiency by elevating the carcasses precisely, facilitating their subsequent handling. The Bleeding Chain Hoist, with its controlled lifting capacity, is essential for handling small productions carefully during the process.

Additionally, the Bleeding Conveyor optimizes the mobility and efficient transfer of carcasses along the slaughter line. These products are carefully designed and adapted to ensure a continuous workflow, meet ritual requirements, and contribute to obtaining high quality meat.

Accessories for beef bleeding

We manufacture different products for cattle bleeding, such as:

  • Reception Table
  • Bleeding Vat
  • Bleeding Elevator
  • Chain Hoist for Bleeding
  • Bleeding Conveyor