Cattle Bleeding Conveyor

Functionality of the Cattle Bleeding Conveyor

The function of the cattle bleeding conveyor is to transport beef carcasses from the point of slaughter to the transfer one. This conveyor, given the weight of the animals, must be robust and capable of transporting the number of carcasses that guarantees the production of the line during the time required for correct bleeding.

During the transfer time in the bleeding conveyor, in addition to the bleeding itself, other operations can be performed on the carcass, such as electrical stimulation, cutting of hands and horns, removing the face of the animal and in some countries the knotting of the esophagus.

For all these reasons, the design of this conveyor must cover the above needs in space, speed or cadence.

Mecanova designs bleeding conveyors that cover all these needs.

Advantages of our Cattle Bleeding Conveyor

  1. It is designed to equip any type of track: tubular, flat-track or twin-track.
  2. Robust, with forged chains and resistant push trolleys.
  3. Large diameter traction gears with high service factor planetary gear motor.

Technical specifications

of our beef Bleeding Conveyor

Constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel based on UPN 80 in guides and UPN 60 in support
Forged chain
Mecanova’s exclusive conveyor design that provides maximum chain stability and durability
Transmission: planetary gear motor direct to the power shaft depending on the design
Large diameter drive wheel hardened by induction quenching
The pneumatic tensioning assembly is equipped with a double safety system to stop in case of snagging, thus avoiding breakage.

Data Sheet

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