cattle dehiding machines


Cattle Dehiding or skinning it is designed to perform the operation from the hind legs to the head in a single operation. Their effectiveness helps reduce human effort, and our range of models allows us to adapt the equipment to the production needs of each client.

Cattle Dehiding Machines

The work of skinning or dehiding is the most important operation in cattle slaughter, since its rhythm determines the production capacity of the line and is one of the points with the highest risk of contamination of the line and, consequently, the one that will most influence the cost of slaughter and the quality of the carcass. If this work is not carried out correctly, it can lead to contamination of the carcass, which will affect subsequent quality analyzes and even the appearance and shrinkage of the carcass.

Mecanova designs its skinners, adapting to production needs, with different powers to achieve the necessary performance. Thus, the most basic model (V30) achieves a production of 25 animals per hour, thanks to unique, electric traction and winding.

The V40 and V70 models have a difference in traction and skin winding, thanks to a 15 or 30 HP hydraulic motor, achieving productions of 40/80 cattle/hour.

Skinning, in terms of operation with risk of contamination, must be carried out from the top down, all Mecanova models work like this. However, the V30 can skin in reverse, from the bottom up.

Mecanova dehiders are designed to carry out this work from the top and with permanent monitoring and skinning control by two operators located on both sides of the carcass. In this way, the following objectives are achieved:

  1. It is not necessary to previously skin the hindquarters up to the kidneys, which represents a significant saving in personnel.
  2. The control of traction and collection of the skin by the operators allows the reduction of fat to be minimized, especially in the upper loin area.
  3. Our machines incorporate progressive hydraulic valves for better control of the operation, which guarantees the highest quality of skinning.

Powerful Cattle Dehiding or skinning

The robustness of the machine is very important to guarantee maximum reliability, durability and minimum maintenance, which is why at Mecanova, we try to achieve maximum robustness in our skinning machines.

Achieving good dehiding is the goal of every industry and although the machine is essential for this, it is not enough. The height or rolling level of the slaughter line is decisive, since if we do not have enough height, the head would be close to the ground, making the final pull of the skin impossible. The consequences of having a low height are having to dehide the head by hand and cut it before skinning, or having to hold the hands before skinning, with the consequent increase in personnel costs and reduced performance.

The role of the beef skinners emerges as a key piece for success. The integration of Mecanova’s innovative dehiding machines not only revolutionizes the efficiency of the skinning process, but also sets new standards for quality and production goals.

Cattle Dehiding (or skinning) Machines

We manufacture our models efficiently based on the required production, such as:

  • Cattle Dehiding Machine model V30
  • Cattle Dehiding Machine model V40
  • Cattle Dehiding Machine model V70
  • Dehiding Platform