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Cattle Dressing

Beef slaughter involves performing several operations on the animal, which influences the design of the line and the equipment it incorporates.

The operations carried out must take into account the following objectives: The preparation and skinning of the animal in the dirty area, the transit to the clean area, where the evisceration, quartering, review, washing, weighing and classification of the carcass is carried out.

Efficiency in Cattle Dressing

The dressing of the carcass in terms of labor is the most critical part of the slaughter line due to its cost. The design of this slaughter requires experience and the most appropriate equipment to achieve the desired efficiency. Thus, the correct combination of mobile or fixed platforms or boxes affects investment and personnel requirements since the operations to be carried out can be carried out in the upper or lower room by two operators on fixed platforms at different heights or by only one, with a mobile platform. The choice will depend on the production rate and the time required for the operation. And the choice of fixed or mobile platform will affect the investment, not only in equipment but also in the building, since if a mobile platform can be placed, it requires 2 meters of line and if two fixed ones are placed, it will need 4 meters of line.

Compensating for these operations means achieving efficient slaughter. The extraction of white and red offals for veterinary inspection requires appropriate equipment such as offal platforms, belts and conveyors.

Quartering, reviewing, cleaning and weighing operations also require efficiently chosen fixed and pneumatic platforms.

And above all the machines, the slaughter conveyor, with a well-designed, robust and well-tractioned chain, so that it is the safest and most reliable element.

Cattle Dressing: Quality Guarantee at Every Stage

Beef slaughter is a fundamental process in meat production that plays an essential role in improving its quality. This procedure involves the slaughter, cutting and processing of the carcass to obtain meat products. By implementing proper slaughter practices, higher quality meat is achieved by efficiently removing blood and ensuring careful handling of the carcass. In addition, well-executed slaughter contributes to the preservation of the freshness and flavor of the meat, ensuring optimal standards of hygiene and quality at each stage of the process. In summary, beef slaughter is a key step to offer high quality meat, meeting the most demanding standards of the meat industry.

Products for Cattle dressing

We manufacture these products for beef dressing:

  • Fixed Platforms
  • Pneumatic Platforms
  • White Offals Platforms
  • White Offals Conveyor Belt
  • Red Offals Conveyor
  • Showering Booth
  • Lactic Acid Showering Booth