Products according to the processes of a Cattle Slaughterhouses

Cattle Slaughterhouses


Mecanova works with the most cutting-edge designs and technology, creating efficient and innovative machinery for Beef Slaughterhouses, to meet the demands of a competitive market. We continue to build and develop engineering for Beef lines that meet the requirements of the regulations, anticipating the expectations of producers and offering services to satisfy real needs.

The installation of a new beef slaughtering line or the automation and modernization of an existing one requires:

  • Knowledge and experience of the process, and the needs of each client.
  • High technical engineering capacity, manufacturing of robust and reliable equipment, and the ability to easily and reliably automate movement and slaughter processes.

Mecanova knows this thanks to almost 40 years of experience equipping new Beef Slaughterhouse facilities, expanding and modernizing others around the world.

Customized Cattle Slaughterhouse Equipment

  1. Design of a line that adapts to the specific needs of each client, automating processes, whose investment justification is amortized with the savings achieved with the investment.
  2. Manufacturing of robust, reliable, ergonomic and economical equipment.
  3. High manufacturing quality that responds to the emergencies and specifications of your facilities.


  • All the equipment necessary for any level of automation.
  • Lines of up to 120 animals per hour.
  • Machines and conveyor or wheels manufactured with evolved designs with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Manufacturing and components of the highest European quality at a competitive price.
  • Spare parts at affordable prices.