Cattle Stunning


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Cattle Stunning

Cattle Stunning is one of the most complex processes of the beef slaughter line, for the subsequent slaughter of the animal, in which several objectives must be met.

It is essential to consider several key aspects when designing and equipping a slaughter line in the meat industry. This includes ensuring a stunning rate sufficient to meet line production, strictly complying with animal welfare regulations to ensure humane and ethical conditions, maintaining a continuous process that prevents animal abuse and, if necessary, ensuring that the slaughtering process is carried out in accordance with ritual conditions of sacrifice (Halal and Kosher). In addition, the line must be defined and equipped to facilitate correct bleeding of the carcass, ensuring quality and complying with industry standards.

Cattle Stunning as an important part of quality

These beef stunning systems play an essential role in improving meat quality in the meat industry. By guaranteeing an efficient pace to meet line production, these systems contribute significantly to obtaining high-quality meat. Furthermore, by complying with ethical and animal welfare standards, it is ensured that the process is continuous and that the animals do not suffer mistreatment, which has a positive impact on the final quality of the product. In the case of specific ritual needs, stunning systems are adapted to facilitate a slaughtering process in accordance with prescribed conditions, thus supporting quality and religious standards in meat production.

Stunning beef valid for rituals

The cattle stunning boxes guarantee an efficient rhythm to meet the production of the line, but also ensuring respect for ethical and ritual standards in the production of Halal and Kosher products. These systems are carefully designed to meet specific animal welfare requirements, ensuring that the process is continuous and that animals do not suffer mistreatment during slaughter. In the case of specific ritual needs, special attention is established so that the slaughtering process is carried out in accordance with the conditions prescribed for Halal and Kosher sacrifices. The precise definition and equipment of the line for correct carcass bleeding reinforce the quality of the process and support ethical and religious standards in meat production, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to excellence in the meat industry.

Range of systems for stunning beef

We put at your disposal our range of stunning systems for beef, such as:

  • Cattle Stunning Box
  • Trapping box for Halal and Kosher
  • Rotating box for Halal and kosher ritual