Cattle Transfer


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Cattle Transfer

The transfer operation in cattle consists of the beginning of the slaughter of the animal by skinning.

The transfer itself is carried out on the upper part of the animal, and consists of cleaning or skinning the legs. First, the one that is hanging, and then the leg from which it was tied, and hanging from the bleeding rail.

These operations must meet several objectives: the strategic arrangement of operators at an ergonomic and safe height is essential to carry out the operation without risks of falls, thus optimizing work safety. In addition, an operation is ensured in hygienic conditions, eliminating the risk of contamination and complying with quality standards. The mechanical ease of changing the leg guarantees an efficient transition, without unnecessary efforts, and adapts to the production demands of the line, minimizing the need for labor and maximizing process efficiency.

Quality Improvement through Beef Transfer

Beef transfer is an essential process in the meat industry that plays a crucial role in significantly improving beef quality. This procedure involves the efficient and controlled transfer of carcasses and products along the production line. The implementation of specialized systems, such as pneumatic lifts, transfer chain hoists and platforms, guarantees a continuous and ergonomic workflow, optimizing each stage of the process.

Efficient carcass transfer directly contributes to meat quality by reducing handling time and minimizing exposure to adverse environmental conditions. By using equipment designed to facilitate controlled handling and lifting of products, potential damage is avoided and the integrity of the meat is ensured. Furthermore, the proper management of by-products through hoppers or slides ensures efficient waste management, contributing to hygiene and avoiding contamination.

How beef transfer systems work

In optimizing efficiency in the meat industry, the implementation of a transfer system is essential to ensure a continuous and accurate workflow. The Pneumatic Elevator, key in this process, allows the controlled lifting of loads, facilitating the efficient transfer of products throughout the production line. Complementing this function, the Transfer Chain Hoist offers careful and agile handling of products, contributing to the speed of the process. The Transfer Platform, designed to adapt to various needs, provides an ergonomic space for handling products at different stages of the process. On the other hand, the By-Products Hopper or Slide facilitates the discharge of by-products in a fluid and controlled manner, ensuring efficient waste management. For comprehensive workflow management, the Empty Trolleys Descender/Elevator speeds up the return of empty carts, optimizing the production cycle. Together, these products form a comprehensive cattle transfer, lifting and management system that contributes significantly to efficiency and quality in the meat industry.

Elements for beef transfer

Our range of transfer products for beef are:

  • Transfer System
  • Pneumatic Elevator
  • Chain Hoist for Transfer
  • Transfer Platform
  • By-Products Hopper or Slide
  • Elevator/Descender of Empty Trolleys