Cattle working platforms


To achieve your objectives, Mecanova offers you, in addition to advice, the most precise equipment.

Cattle working Platforms

Mecanova’s line of beef working platforms offers specialized solutions for various phases of the slaughtering and carcass preparation process. The Two-Height Transfer Platform ensures a safe and precise working environment for hind leg preparation and beef transfer. The Pneumatic Platform, powered by pneumatic cylinders, is versatile and recommended for operations such as skirting, eviscerations and marrow aspiration. The White Offals Platform facilitates abdominal extraction and evacuation for veterinary inspection, while the Auxiliary Pneumatic Platform acts as a support point during skinning. The Fixed Platforms, available at different heights, are ideal in the slaughter phase, providing an ergonomic space for carcass review. Together, these solutions offer efficiency, practicality and ergonomics at every stage of the meat process.

Durable Working Platforms for Beef

These stainless steel platforms offer a dynamic workflow and guarantee optimal working conditions thanks to ergonomically adjustable platforms constructed of corrosion-resistant materials.

Working platforms for Beef anywhere on the line

Whether for operator workstations, inspection or service platforms, Mecanova offers the right platform for any application in your company’s processing plant. Common accessories include knife sterilizers, apron washers, hand-held sprayers, sinks, etc.

Platforms and Job Stations models for Beef

We manufacture a wide range of platforms for beef, such as:

  • Transfer Platforms
  • Dressing Fixed Platforms
  • Dressing Pneumatic Platforms
  • White Offals Platforms
  • Dressing Platforms