Installation of a CO2 stunner (elevator type) for pigs in Colombia

The growth of pork consumption in America and more specifically in Colombia, has led an important client from Santa Rosa de Osos (Antioquia, Colombia) to have decided to entrust Mecanova with a new CO2 stunner (elevator type) that allows it to increase its capacity for sacrifice in a very notable way.

What is an CO2 stunner elevator type?

The CO2 stunner (elevator type) is equipment designed to improve the pig slaughter process. It works by applying carbon dioxide (CO2) in a pit where the pigs are lowered. As pigs inhale CO2, loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen occurs, without stress and pain, ensuring humane slaughter.

The pig inhales carbon dioxide which, when it reaches the pig’s blood, reduces the pH of the meat, which results in better quality of the meat as well as a more natural and appetizing appearance.

Commitment to Animal Welfare

The handling of pigs for their introduction into the stunning equipment significantly affects animal welfare, since a traditional or non-optimal process design causes the animals to resist entering the machine, with the consequent effort of the workers. who are forced to use coercive means, whether mechanical or electrical. This produces strong stress for the animal, which reaches points of abuse, without forgetting the suffering of the workers themselves who are involved.

At this point, Mecanova has installed an automatic pig pusher in this installation, which reduces difficulties and eliminates the risk of animal abuse with a group and relaxed movement of the animals towards the machine.


Installation of the CO2 stunner for pigs

The installation of this device at our client’s facility was a meticulous process involving Mecanova’s highly trained expert technicians. Below are the key steps in the installation process:

  1. Space evaluation: Prior to installation, a thorough evaluation of the space where the stunner would be placed was performed by our engineers. This ensured that all safety and space requirements needed for operation were met.
  2. Installation, testing and adjustments: Once installed by our fitters with over 20 years of experience, the stunner underwent rigorous testing and adjustment to ensure optimal performance. This included accurately calibrating CO2 levels and verifying that all components were working correctly.
  3. Staff training: Personnel responsible for operating the stunner received extensive training in its proper and safe use by our experienced maintenance staff. This included understanding safety protocols and emergency procedures.

Benefits of the CO2 Stunner

The implementation of this advanced stunner has brought a series of significant benefits to our client’s production:

Greater efficiency

This new CO2 equipment allows for a faster and more efficient process, which in turn increases productivity at our client’s facilities.

Improved animal welfare

The CO2 stunner ensures that the slaughter process is painless and stress-free for the pigs, meeting higher ethical standards and improving the quality of life of the animals.

Normative compliance

This facility allows us to comply with international regulations regarding animal welfare and food safety, which improves our client’s position in the global market.

In short, this installation of the CO2 Stunner represents an important advance in the profitability of our client. In addition to improving animal welfare and production efficiency, it also positions it as a leader in compliance with international standards. This is a step forward towards a more sustainable and ethical future. Contact us if you want to take your business to the next level.