Wide range of machinery for cutting tasks in Pork, Beef and Sheep

Cutting Equipment for Slaughterhouses

The choice and adoption of appropriate cutting equipment is essential to improve efficiency, ethics and sustainability in cattle, sheep and pig slaughterhouses. Technology plays a central role in this advancement, offering solutions that benefit both producers and consumers. By prioritizing animal welfare, operational efficiency and sustainability, the meat industry can move towards a more ethical and responsible future.

Cattle Cutting Equipment for Slaughterhouses

Experience the efficiency of cutting with our cattel hock and horn cutter. Ergonomically designed for easy handling, this tool ensures quick and clean cutting of beef carcass scraps. Increase efficiency in the slaughter process with this cutting-edge equipment.

Optimize your productions with our cattle brisket saw. Its practical design favors handling, offering efficient and fast machinery for continuous cutting. Safety and easy maintenance make this saw a smart choice for the meat industry.

Power and speed come together in our cattle splitting saw. Designed for carcass cutting, this machine guarantees continuous and optimized production. It meets the highest safety and hygiene standards, making a difference in your production line.

Pig Cutting Equipment for Slaughterhouses

Fast and light, our pig bung cutting gun is the efficient choice. Reaching up to 1,250 pigs per hour, it optimizes the operator’s work. The stainless steel blade ensures durability and makes cleaning easy, offering a reliable tool.

Power, easy handling and speed define our pig splitting saw. With a production of up to 750 pigs per hour, it meets safety and hygiene standards thanks to its sealed motor and external electric brake.

Designed for high production, this pig brisket saw cuts up to 1,200 pigs per hour. Easy to handle and efficient, it has a dual trigger to ensure safety. An ergonomic and functional design that meets all safety guarantees.

Sheep Cutting Equipment for Slaughterhouses

In plants with high production, our sheep horn cutter can cut sheep and goat horns quickly and efficiently. With double trigger for operator safety, it significantly reduces physical effort, offering an effective solution.

Constructed of stainless steel for easy sterilization and long-lasting durability, this sheep hock cutter allows powerful and quick cutting of sheep legs. With double trigger to protect the operator, it guarantees safety in each cut.

Powerful and lightweight, the sheep brisket shears are designed for efficient cutting of the breast of sheep and goats. With two triggers to guarantee the safety of the operator, it offers precision and efficiency in each operation.

Our Cutting Equipment for Slaughterhouses

We have a wide range of machines for cutting in pig, beef and sheep slaughterhouses:

  • Cattle Hock and Horn Cutter
  • Cattle Brisket Saw
  • Cattle Splitting Saw
  • Pig Bung Cutting Gun
  • Pig Splitting Saw
  • Pig Brisket Saw
  • Sheep Horn Cutter
  • Sheep Hock Cutter
  • Sheep Brisket Shears