Products according to the type of Rooms and Cutting Lines

Cutting Rooms and Lines


The activity in Rooms and/or Cutting Lines is one of the processes with the greatest added value of any slaughter line or slaughterhouse. The labor-intensive nature requires permanent dedication from the entire organization to achieve efficiency in the cutting and deboning processes.

Therefore, whether it is a new project, an expansion or improvement, the design of flows (making the most of the available machines and equipment) is always critical to achieving the best competitive situation.

With an appropriate design adapted to the needs of each installation, and using the appropriate equipment, we can achieve maximum productivity per operator. Automating meat movements, both in primary cuts and select cuts, trimmings, fats and bones, within the proportionality of the productive capacity of each facility, is extremely important to achieve the objectives of:

  1. Productivity of operators.
  2. Traceability control.
  3. Productivity control.
  4. Operator ergonomics.
  5. Cleanliness and sanitation.

Manufacturers of Machinery for Rooms and Deboning Lines

Mecanova, thanks to its extensive experience, offers designs, manufacturing, assembly and automation of:

  • Beef cutting rooms.
  • Pork cutting rooms.
  • Sheep cutting rooms.
  • Transport lines for packaging.
  • Box transport lines.
  • Injection transport lines.
  • Feeding lines for heavy packaging and labeling.


  • Adaptation to each type of animal.
  • High productivity.
  • Reduction of human effort