Fifth shipment to Belarus: conveyors for a pork slaughterhouse

 This week Mecanova sent the fifth shippment to its client’s pork slaughterhouse in Belarus, consisting in different conveyors with to automate the production.

From our factory in Toledo to Belarus, Mecanova has sent the fifth scheduled shipment for our client who is in the construction and fitting out of a pork slaughterhouse. This fifth shipment has been made up of two types of conveyors for the production line. The objective of this team is to achieve the automation of processes, reducing human effort, and ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with quality standards. The capacity of these conveyors reaches a production of between 100 and 120 pigs per hour, and represents a significant reduction in the risk of contamination of the meat by eliminating human contact with the carcasses in the movement of pieces.

Bleeding Conveyors to Slaughterhouse

This machinery is used for the movement of animals once they have been stunned and slaughtered, which will circulate through the track in an automated way until scalding, which will prepare the animal for the next phase. This conveyor has a production capacity of 100 pigs per hour, and ensures that the pig concludes the correct bleeding time so that the meat and body do not suffer any type of alteration at the time of introduction to the scald. This includes not getting water into the body, for example.

Dressing Conveyors

With a capacity of between 100 and 120 pigs per hour, the dressing conveyor is designed for the fully automated transport of carcasses through the different phases that the pork meat goes at the speed set by the producer. Automation supposes, not only the reduction of human effort in the slaughter work, but also avoiding the contamination of carcasses from one to another by human contact. This is key in future quality controls, reducing the possibility of finding contaminated batches. In addition, this conveyor includes a refrigerated rail system. The different processes that pork experiments for its treatment include burning, therefore the equipment that transports the pig must be prepared to withstand high temperatures and strong flames, that is why the pork dressing conveyor includes this refrigeration system and protection so that the wheels of the trolley do not get damaged.

With this equipment, out client will complete the batch of conveyors in order to make the pork production line operational, contributing to a correct treatment of carcass according to the high quality standars.