Lactic Acid Showering Booth for Beef Carcasses

Functionality of the Lactic Acid Showering Booth for Beef Carcasses

The lactic (or peracetic) acid shower cabin for beef carcasses is a machine designed for washing beef carcasses using water with a 3% concentration of lactic acid or peracetic acid.

This equipment allows you to spray water with acid diluted to 3% in accordance with the veterinary requirements of some countries, before taking the carcass to the chambers.

Its design is ideal for installation on the mechanized line, in the conveyor, saving one or two jobs.

The equipment is made of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet, and incorporates lines with water diffusers, two on each side. The diffusers are special to achieve low water consumption and maximum spraying on the carcass.

We have two models, one static in which the diffusers are fixed and another motorized in which the diffusers move from the top to the bottom of the channel. This model achieves water savings of 33%.

Advantages of our lactic acid showering cabin for beef carcasses

  1. Custom made for each location.
  2. Incorporates low consumption nozzles.
  3. We guarantee that the water with the acid reaches the entire carcass.
  4. Automatic acid dosage.

Technical specifications

from our lactic / peracetic acid shower cabin

Frame made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel
Tube frame 100x50x2mm
2mm thick sheet
Stainless steel water conduction pipe
Low consumption stainless steel water diffusers
Leg support using 16mm stainless rod and plastic support
100 liter 3% lactic acid water tank
Pneumatic acid suction pump
Dispensers and flowmeters
2CV water pump for pressure showers
Presence detectors to shower the carcass at the entrance and cut at its exit to guarantee the lowest water consumption
Electrical management and control panel with programmable relay

Data Sheet

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