trolleys, gambrels and hooks for meat

What do we offer you?

Wide variety for all types of routes and phases of a Slaughterhouse, Cutting Room or Processing Factory

Trolleys, Gambrels and Hooks for Meat

Mecanova, the pioneer company in the sector, stands out as the undisputed leader in the manufacture of trolleys, gambrels and specialized hooks for slaughterhouses. Focused on excellence and innovation, we have revolutionized the way cutting room and cold room needs are addressed. Discover how our dedication to quality and adaptability has positioned us as leaders in the industry.

European manufacturing Trolleys, Gambrels and Hooks

At Mecanova, our philosophy revolves around lasting quality. We build robust trolleys that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. From internal transport trolleys to specialized solutions, each product is precision engineered to ensure strength and durability.

Our gambrels are the preferred option for those looking for customized solutions. With a variety of options that adapt to different processes, from cutting to sorting, Mecanova offers gambrels that prioritize efficiency without compromising quality. Discover how our products can increase the productivity of your slaughterhouse.

At the heart of our offer are hooks, essential for any slaughterhouse. Mecanova is proud to offer a diverse range of hooks, including Euro-hooks. Designed with attention to details and using top quality materials, our hooks are synonymous with efficiency and safety in meat handling.

Our range of Trolleys, Gambrels and Hooks specific for meat

We offer an extensive range of sheep stunning products, including:

  • Twin-Track Trolley, Tubular Trolley, Flat-Track Trolley or Tandem Trolley
  • Pork Bleeding Trolley, Cattle Bleeding Trolley or Sheep Bleeding Trolley
  • Stainless Gambrel or Aluminium Gambrel for Pork and Sheep
  • Hooks and Euro-Hooks