Equipment specifically designed for a fixed or mobile installation

Meat Loading Arms

Hydraulic Meat Loading Arms emerge as efficient solutions in the handling of carcasses, offering resistance to heavy loads and standing out as indispensable equipment in unloading docks. These Hydraulic Meat Loading Arms, designed specifically for loading and unloading, become ideal allies in docks and for the transfer of carcasses, providing versatility and efficiency.

What are Hydraulic Loading Arms?

Hydraulic Meat Loading Arms are machinery that operates through hydraulic systems, allowing precise control and notable load capacity. Its main function lies in the manipulation of carcasses, guaranteeing efficient and safe discharge. These devices effortlessly withstand the considerable weights associated with loading and unloading, providing reliability in demanding logistics environments.

Versatility in truck cargo boxes

The loading arm designed specifically for trucks becomes an essential component for the movement of carcasses to and from various locations, including docks and other facilities. The adaptability of these arms to the environment of truck cargo boxes makes them ideal tools to ensure efficient and safe handling of cargo during transportation.

Advantages in unloading docks

In logistics docks, where efficiency and speed are crucial, the arms prove their worth. They facilitate the unloading of carcasses quickly and accurately, optimizing the operational flow at the docks. The ability to withstand heavy loads translates into a reliable tool for loading and unloading workers, improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Hydraulic arm options for loading and unloading

We offer two models according to the needs of our clients:

  • Meat Loading Arm for Docks
  • Meat Loading Arm for Trucks

Whether at docks or during truck transportation, these devices offer efficiency and versatility, significantly improving operations related to carcass handling. Its presence translates into a tangible improvement in productivity and optimization of workflows.