Mecanova hydraulic restrainer for lamb arrives in Australia

This week Mecanova has made the leap to Oceania with the shipment to Australia of the new model of lamb restrainer (sheep), more precise and ergonomic.

Mecanova’s new self-adjusting hydraulic restrainer is already on its way to our client’s facilities in Australia, a lamb slaughter line. Our new client in Australia needed ergonomic equipment that would optimise its production, adapting to the volume of the animals when it varied with large or small sheep, while it was easy to install and maintain at the same time.

For this reason, Mecanova has manufactured the new self-adjusting hydraulic restrainer, which significantly facilitates the stunning of the animal directly from the top. This new restrainer, made of stainless steel and Acetal modulating band, has a new hydraulic motor placed in the lower part, which uses less space and provides comfort when carrying out the operation. This feature makes it a device that automatically optimizes the stunning work, as it can be done from the top of the restrainer. The absence of motors at the end of the bands makes it a particularly suitable equipment for ritual sacrifice as well.


Another advantage of this new equipment is the automatic adjustment, which is achieved through the movement of the hydraulic cylinders also placed in the lower part of the restrainer. The hydraulic cylinder provides a much more precise adjustment, with a faster stroke, saving time in adjustment, and giving it greater stability during slaughter. This makes it the perfect equipment for large and small sheep and goat slaughter lines.

As it is a hydraulically operated equipment, it does not require much maintenance, and has a longer useful life, maintaining the good appearance of the materials over time. It is also a safer equipment for operators as the electrical risk is eliminated.


Its features and design make this equipment a outsdtanding machine within stunning systems, due to its remarkable ability to optimize production while reducing risks, human effort and waiting times. The quality-price ratio is another incentive for anyone looking to renovate or set up their production lines. The hydraulic restrainer is an interesting option as stunning equipment due to its competitive cost compared to other types of more expensive systems with lower productions.