Installation of a stunning system by CO2 for pigs in Teruel

Mecanova has made and sent a stunning system by CO2 for pigs to an important client in Teruel (Spain) with the aim of increasing the production of their slaughterhouse.

Stunning: Increased production in the Teruel slaughterhouse

Mecanova has carried out the start-up of a new stunning system for pigs in an important slaughterhouse in Teruel. It is a Stunning System by CO2 of five basckets with which our client will slaughter 300 pigs per hour. The CO2 stunning system meets the Animal Welfare regulation, ensuring the improvement of the quality of the carcass for the export of meat to China, one of the main markets of our client. The system incorporates a data logger to monitor the process. This way, the suffering of the animal is avoided, which means a higher quality in the final product.

The CO2 stunning system is one of the best systems for the stunning and bleeding of pigs. Thanks to this equipment, a better bleeding is carried out, and the index of backbone breakage is reduced, as well as the possibilities of leg breakage are also reduced. The robust, accurate and efficient design of the Mecanova CO2 stunner allows a clean and correct stunning process to be carried out.

Advantages the Stunning system by CO2 in the Meat Industry

Mecanova’s new CO2 stunning system installed in Teruel represents a significant advance in the meat industry. With its ability to improve production, comply with animal welfare regulations and ensure product quality, this system is a comprehensive solution for slaughterhouses seeking to optimize their operations and meet the demands of the international market. Mecanova continues to lead the way with its focus on innovation and commitment to excellence.

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