New Deboning Room for Cattle and Sheep

At MECANOVA we don not stop, in this occasion we have done the assembly and set up of a new Deboning Room for cattle and ovine. All designed by our engineers and manufactured by our workers.

Mecanova has developed and installed two deboning rooms for a new client

On this occasion, this Deboning Room has two cutting lines: one line for beef cutting and another for sheep cutting. The Beef Cutting Line has several independent positions located parallel to the conveyor belt, the cattle come to it by air, it cuts them up, and the product is put into boxes. Once the boxes are full, they are pushed onto a conveyor belt of full boxes and the operator picks up a new empty box that is supplied by an upper belt for this purpose. Once the full box reaches the end of the belt, it is deposited on a curved belt that takes the boxes to their final destination, placing them in an accumulator of full boxes.

A beef deboning room and another for sheep deboning

On the other hand, the deboning line for sheep also has different work points tha can be placed either parallels or perpendicular to the loading bet, depending on the client´s specifications.

To sum up, this deboning room is integrated by: 

  • Beef Deboning Line:
    • Loading belt for empty boxes.
    • Loading belt for full boxes.
    • Puestos independientes de trabajo
    • Automatic system to deposit one box on top of the other.
    • Curve loading belt
    • Full boxes acumulator
  • Sheep Deboning Line
    • Independent working points.
    • Loading belt to transport the product.

Eveything is manufactured in AISI-304 stainless steel, the working points count with food polyethylene sheet and the loading belts with modular bands.

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