What is the function of the offal machines for cattle and sheep?

The offal machines are fundamental in the cattle and sheep slaughter lines distributed throughout the world, the use of the tripería provides a profitability or absence of not inconsiderable cost for the main meat activity.

Mecanova has the latest technology in machinery for slaughterhouses, so now you can get the most out of animal waste in a slaughterhouse.

In offal machines for cattle and sheep we can find three fundamental types of centrifugal machines:

  • Leg dehairing
  • Stomach and booklet washer and scalder
  • Intestine content cleaner

Advantages of using offal machines for cattle and sheep

The offal equipment manufactured by Mecanova improves both the quality of the product and the profitability of the operation in each of the above facets.

  • Centrifugal leg dehairing replace other traditional machines that use chemicals. Mecanova’s centrifugal scalder epilators use only water and steam, achieving an unbeatable finish with minimal water consumption.
  • The stomach and booklet washers and blanchers significantly reduce water consumption, labor and the space dedicated to the operation, with an unbeatable quality of the final product.
  • The intestine content cleaner provide great profitability to the methods since they are capable of processing all the waste from the slaughterhouse that has no use such as fine casing, thick casing, etc. This waste is cut inside the offal machine, separating the dirt from the meat, the dirt is evacuated to the treatment plant and the meat remains remain inside the machine. This meat can be sold to rendering companies who will stop charging the slaughterhouse for removing the waste and will pay the slaughterhouse for a clean meat product ready to process and extract meat meal.

Is it worth investing in gutting machines?

These offal machines are a relatively expensive investment, but they allow you to start recovering costs from day one. The full recovery of the investment in these machines, depending on the rendering costs, is usually between 6 and 38 months. Offal machines for slaughterhouses have a high utilization of the entire piece: in short, they are profitable.

Mecanova allows savings while the company controls its production chain as much as possible, including waste. If you are interested in acquiring the profitability offered by these machines, contact us and we will help you make your business profitable.