offals machinery


A wide range of offlas machinery for the treatment and use of the product for its profitability.

Offals Machinery

At Mecanova we know the needs of our clients regarding the treatment of intestines, legs and by-products. That is why we offer a complete range of machines that transform waste into use. With our offals equipment, spending becomes profitability for your facilities. We offer specific offals machinery valid for pigs, cattle and sheep, cleaning, scalding and dehairing legs, bellies, booklets and by-products such as hearts, ears or masks.

The offals machinery is designed with the latest technology and resistant materials to guarantee its durability. There are many slaughterhouses that have complete offals equipment, satisfied with the profitability it provides. The prompt recovery of the investment guarantees its reliability.

Make your investment profitable with our Offals Machinery

The acquisition of offals machinery not only represents an investment in operational efficiency, but also in profitability for your business. By using these specialized machines, such as piglet dehairers, hoof removers or detangling wheels, you not only improve the slaughter process, but also open opportunities for the sale and reuse of products that were previously considered waste. From the marketing of legs, offals, intestines, brains and snouts to the use of by-products, these machines allow you to maximize the profitability of each processed animal. In addition, they contribute significantly to improving the finish of products, offering a superior quality standard that can make a difference in market competitiveness. Investment in offals machinery not only translates into efficiency, but also into an intelligent strategy to optimize resources and make the most of each part of the slaughter process.

Simple Maintenance and Great Durability

We make management easy with a design that prioritizes easy maintenance and exceptional durability. Each component of our offals machinery has been carefully selected to withstand daily wear and tear, minimizing downtime. Invest in a tool that not only optimizes your operations, but also lasts over time, offering constant reliability.

Wide range of Offals Machinery

We offer an extensive range of machines for the use of products, such as:

  • Feet Dehairing Machine
  • Stomach Cleaning Machine
  • Intestine Content Cleaner
  • Pork/Cattle Hoof Remover
  • Piglets Dehairing Machine
  • Stomach Defatting Machine
  • Head Guillotine
  • Meat Buggy Dumper
  • By-products Cleaning Machine
  • Mouths and Faces Dehairing Machine
  • Hopper with Pneumatic Lid
  • Guts Draining Tube
  • Offals Detangling Wheel

Whether you have a local slaughterhouse, an offals company, or even one of the largest processing facilities in the world, at Mecanova we have the ideal solution adapted to your needs.