Pig Bleeding Elevator

Functionality of the Pig Bleeding Elevator

The Pig Bleeding Elevator is a machine designed to lift the pig onto the bleeding conveyor for vertical bleeding. The machine is suitable for flat-track, twin-track or tubular track.

It consists of a vertical return chain conveyor positioned at an angle to lift animals from the bleeding table to the bleeding and scalding track or conveyor.

They are placed at the exit of the CO2 reception table and in the stunning box and once the trolley has been placed by the operator, he introduces it. Incorporates pushers for tubular trolleys.

The elevator has a start-stop button installed so that the same operator can start it depending on production needs.

There is the option of basket lifts, with an initial horizontal section to facilitate hanging on the dynamic table. This option is indicated for high production and with CO2 stunning.

Advantages of our Pig Bleeding Elevator

  1. The sheet metal construction prevents the risk of accidents for the operator with the chain or sprockets.
  2. High resistance chain driven with wheels, provides high reliability and durability with minimal maintenance.
  3. Improved design for optimal centering of the gear, thus avoiding the risk of decentering due to material fatigue.
  4. Three tie-down points for maximum stability.
  5. MECANOVA brand wheels made of special, high-resistance polyamide.

Technical specifications

of our pig bleeding elevator

Frame made of carbon steel with hot galvanized treatment
Frame formed with two 10mm thick sheets cut by laser for the coupling of the UCF and the Gearmotor
UCF with stainless steel bearings and white polyamide body
80mm UPN interior structure facing each other to act as a guide for the carriages and the chain
Gearmotor from 2.2kW to 3kW, with hollow shaft
Tractor and transmission axle made of zinc plated F114
MC-56 chain 100 pitch with high hardness polyamide wheels and trolleys made of stainless steel with pusher
Gears: driving and forwarding gears made of hardened and zinc-plated F-114 steel, special for the MC 56 chain, with a pitch of 100 and Z-7

Data Sheet

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