pig carcasses cleaniing


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Pig Carcasses Cleaning

To properly clean and review the carcasses, once the pigs have been properly shaved, the carcass must be sanitized.

In this carcass cleaning process, it is essential to address multiple objectives to guarantee the quality and hygiene of the final product. This implies the need to achieve the removal of hair and remains in the most hidden and difficult parts, followed by a thorough washing of the carcass to eliminate any dirt that may remain on it. In addition, it is crucial to sanitize the carcass to eliminate bacteria and germs that could contaminate it and give a positive result in subsequent salmonella or legionella analyses. These steps are essential to ensure food safety and quality in the meat industry.

Sanitization with Cleaning of carcasses

Pig sanitation is a process that goes beyond the routine in the slaughterhouse. It is a careful job between the whipping machines, the singeing furnaces, the head polishers and the hoof removers. From start to finish, this process guarantees pork products that meet the most demanding standards in terms of quality and hygiene.

In this meticulous process, hygiene is not just a technical aspect, but the backbone that supports consumer confidence. Every machine, every phase, is aligned with the unwavering commitment to offering safe, high-quality products. Hygiene is not just a detail, it is the guarantee of trust.

Machines for cleaning pig carcasses

We offer a series of specific machines for this type of processes:

  • Pig Whipping Machine
  • Singeing Furnace for Pigs
  • Head Polisher for Pigs
  • Pig Hoof Remover

When it comes to cleaning and dressing pig carcasses, precision and quality are key. With these products at every stage of the journey, they play a crucial role in creating high-quality pork products.