pig dehairing machines


For the best results, Mecanova offers epilators and accessories to these, depending on the production volume:

Pig Dehairing Machines

Pig dehairing machines are essential in the pig slaughterhouse. The quality of pork carcasses is increasingly important in the meat industry, and to achieve this, the hair removal process is the most important. The dehairing machine is the heart of any slaughter line. For a good result, in addition to a correct pig scalding, an effective depilation is important.

When approaching the pig scalding process, it is essential to consider several critical aspects. This includes the need to obtain hair-free carcasses, achieve efficient depilation that is aligned with the production rate required on the line, maintain a minimum leg breakage rate and ensure the mechanical reliability of the machine, avoiding stops or breakages that could completely paralyze slaughter. At Mecanova, we understand the importance of addressing these challenges comprehensively to ensure an efficient and productive scalding process in the meat industry.

Pig Dehairing Machines and their importance

When choosing an industrial dehairing machine, it is important to consider aspects such as capacity, ease of cleaning, and durability. A machine must be selected that meets the specific needs of the processing plant. Numerous slaughterhouses and pig industries have experienced significant improvements in their production after implementing our depilators and their accessories. These success stories highlight the importance of this technology in the pig sector. Making the right choice involves evaluating the plant’s needs, considering the budget, and seeking out trusted suppliers who offer quality equipment.

Dehairing Machines for Pigs

We offer a range of products for pig hair removal and subsequent treatment:

  • UBAR Dehairing Machine
  • Dynamic Hanging Table
  • MEC Deharing Machine
  • Hanging and Reviewing Table

Hair removal is a crucial stage in pork production, as the remaining hair can affect the quality and hygiene of the meat products. Industrial dehairing machines guarantee effective hair removal, ensuring high quality final products and reducing the risk of cross contamination.