Pig dressing


Mecanova has a wide range of products to meet these needs.

Dressing for Pigs

The automation of pig dressing lines is carried out based on production, and is the part of the line that requires the most labor.

The design and installation of an efficient and productive dressing line must address a number of crucial objectives. The aim is to achieve the required production with the least amount of labor possible, while prioritizing facilitating ergonomics in the work environment. Furthermore, it is imperative that slaughtering fully complies with the rigorous health requirements and approval standards, ensuring compliance with international certifications. The absolute reliability of the equipment is another essential aspect, avoiding technical stops that could affect the continuity of production. Together, these objectives are fundamental to guarantee efficiency, quality and compliance with standards in the operation of a slaughter line.

Pig Dressing Elevator

At the exit of the dehairing machine, the pig dressing elevator is designed to lift carcasses onto the grambrel in an ergonomic manner and adapting to the required production. Mecanova’s offer includes two types of pig slaughter elevators, each designed to meet different levels of production.

Firstly, the Dressing Elevator is designed to lift animals on exit and review tables, being ideal for productions of less than 120 pigs per hour.

On the other hand, the Horizontal Dressing Elevator is a piece of equipment designed for hanging on dynamic tables, especially efficient in productions greater than 120 pigs per hour. Its design allows ergonomic hanging on the dynamic table, with the option of placing two or three hangers depending on the specific needs of the operation. These elevators represent specialized and versatile solutions to optimize the pig slaughter process.

Pig Dressing and its different Conveyors

The pig dressing conveyor or pig conveyor is a piece of equipment whose design is developed based on the characteristics and requirements of each installation. The Mecanova slaughter conveyor achieves the required production reliably and without unexpected technical stops, and has a layout that allows all manual or automatic operations to be carried out satisfactorily. Depending on the production, you can opt for a vertical type, for simpler lines and for entering chambers, or a horizontal type designed for high production of more than 100 pigs per hour.

Offals in Pig Dressing

Pig offals conveyors are designed for the collection and transport of offals from work platforms to veterinary inspection points. For a correct and coordinated performance of this process, adequate and automated equipment is needed. The extraction of the offals occurs at a point on the dressing line and the veterinary inspection must be carried out in such a way that at the inspection point each offal is identifiable and assignable to its carcass.

Therefore, pork offals conveyors must meet a series of characteristics and their design must allow synchronization of the offal conveyor with the dressing.

Summary of Pig Dressing Equipment

We offer a wide range of products for pig dressing such as:

  • Elevators (vertical or horizontal)
  • Dressing Conveyors (vertical or horizontal)
  • Offals Conveyors (white and red offals)
  • White Offals Conveyor Belt