Pig Slaughterhouses in Spain, the real meat suppliers in China

Pig slaughterhouses in Spain could see an increase in their profits with the increase in pork exports to China and other Asian countries.

Pork meat has become this quarter in one of the most exported products from Spain since January. The pork slaughterhouses have increased their production in the first quarter in 2021, being China the main destination of most of this meat product, with an increase of 79% in the exported pork meat, compared to the same period in 2020. This remarkable improvement can be translated to innovation y expansion of Spanish slaughterhouse installations to consolidate its position in the international market.

According the CEXGAN report about Spanish exports, during the first quarter of the year 677,126 tons of meat has been exported from Spain to the world, growing 73% compared to last year. Of this total, 622,270 tons were pork meat, placing this product on the top os sales so far. Of all the exports, China has become this period in the country that has imported the most product from Spain. From the 497,439 tons of meat imported to Spain, more than double of last year, 492,765 tons were pork meat. And this is not the only country: after China, Philipines and Japan are the main countries importing to our country, making Asia one of the main targets of our international food market. These data highlight the business opportunity for quality meat products outside Spain. In addition, this comes as an opportunity to innovate technology and production resources to consolidate this adavantage over other markets.

Pig Slaughterhouses in Spain: Innovation and automation

Spain has a long experience in the meat industry, specially pork industry, and this has lead to the improvement of production processes to achieve high quality products, that marks the different between the Spanish brand and other competitors. The improvement of the production facilities is key to achieve the goals at the current situation. Among other aspects, the automation of processes and the development of more advanced and improved machinery stand out. This should be the standard in the industry in order to satisfy the market need that are before us. Mecanova knows very well this challenge, that’s why we keep developing machinery to pork slaughterhouses thinking of atuomating processes and modernising the lines. Pork meat production is a fairly more complex than other kind of meat, and it requires more phases for a correct treatment. From the stunning, it is important to ensure the process is carried out according to the Animal Welfare regulations, so the animal will not suffer and the meat will keep its quality from the beginning. After this, scalding, dehairing, carcass cleaning and dressing are phases when pork meat must be taken care to the very little detail, while it is treated to not lose quality.

With such a propitious horizon for meat production in Spain, investment in machinery and technology is the pillar on which our food industry must be founded. Given this, the improvement of the facilities of pork slaughterhouses will be the best guideline to move towards the future of growth of a good part of our economy.