handling for pigs


A variety of equipment designed to guarantee the quality of the final product, from the beginning of the process

Animal Handling for Pigs

The respectful and efficient handling of animals before slaughter is not only essential for the well-being of the pigs, but also significantly influences the quality of the meat.

At Mecanova, we are committed to ethical and sustainable production, to supply systems and equipment that improve the sustainability of production in terms of animal welfare. Unfortunately, pigs in barns often experience stress due to operators’ lack of adequate knowledge in handling the animals, which in turn can lead to stressful work in manual handling.

That is why at Mecanova, we are dedicated to providing solutions that not only optimize production, but also raise animal welfare standards. Stress in the barns is reduced thanks to our equipment designed with the comfort and safety of the pigs in mind.

Stress-free pigs handling

We offer a variety of housing options, all designed for stress-free and pig-friendly conduction. We facilitate efficient handling, contributing to better meat quality. In this range of products we include options such as:

  • Haulage sleeve and/or conduction tunnel.
  • CO2 Pushing System

This equipment is designed considering animal welfare, and allows for more efficient and safer management of pigs before slaughter. Trust Mecanova to improve pig handling in your production and increase both efficiency and quality from the beginning to slaughter. Discover how we can make a difference in your operation today!