scalding for pigs


To achieve these objectives, Mecanova offers you, in addition to advice, the most precise equipment.

Scalding for Pigs

Once the animal has been bled, the process of cleaning the carcass begins. This stage requires effective scalding of the pig in order to open the pores and easily remove the hair and epidermis in the subsequent depilation phase.

Pigs scalding methods

To achieve a quality scald, it is essential to use one of the best heat transmitters available: water. There are different scalding systems that can be used, among which the following stand out:

  • Pig Scalding by Immersion in Water Tank
  • Vertical Water Spray Scalding for Pigs
  • Pig Scalding by Condensation of Water Steam

Profitable pigs scalding

At Mecanova, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive pig scalding solutions that not only stand out for their efficiency, but also prioritize resource savings. Our commitment is reflected in the choice of the scalding method that best suits your needs and investment conditions, and in the implementation of sustainable systems that are recognized for their low energy consumption and significant reduction in water use. We are firmly committed to contributing to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources, while ensuring the highest quality throughout the pig scalding process. We work closely with you to ensure that your operation is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

Pigs scalding equipment

We offer a wide range of products for pig scalding, such as:

  • Vertical Spray Scalding
  • Drag Scalding (MECPULL)
  • Push Scalding (MECPUSH)
  • Rotating Scalding (MECROT)
  • Immersion Scalding Tank