Products according to the processes of a Pigs Slaughterhouses

Pig Slaughterhouses


Mecanova’s almost 40 years of experience guarantees the profitability and quality of the Pork Slaughterhouse lines. The continuous growth of pork consumption worldwide requires the construction and modernization of pork slaughter lines. The pig slaughter process is the most complex among the slaughter lines, and therefore the one that requires the most technological investment.

In addition, pig slaughterhouses must comply with strict regulations regarding animal welfare, food safety and environmental impact. Mecanova is committed to the sustainable development of the meat industry and offers solutions that comply with all standards and regulations regarding safety and hygiene, which guarantees the safety of the process and the quality of the meat produced. Likewise, Mecanova solutions are designed to minimize environmental impact and resource consumption, thus becoming the best, most responsible and most sustainable for the construction and modernization of pig slaughterhouses.

Pigs Slaughterhouses, Lines adapted to your needs

Our pigs slaughterhouses lines are designed to offer comprehensive solutions that combine efficiency, sustainability and quality, adapting to the specific needs of each market and allowing our clients to compete successfully on a global level.

  1. Lines with production adjusted to the needs, with minimum personnel costs, thanks to automation personalized to the conditions of each market.
  2. Lines with low energy consumption and minimal water consumption.
  3. Lines that achieve maximum quality and minimum loss.
  4. Approved lines for the most demanding export markets.

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  • Lines optimized for production of 50 to 600 pigs per hour
  • The most modern and efficient stunning and scalding systems
  • Robust and reliable dehairers
  • Carcass review and cleaning lines that achieve maximum carcass quality
  • Reliable dressing conveyors, quick chill lines and chambers