Pork bleeding


A variety of equipment to ensure product quality.

Pork Bleeding

At Mecanova we are aware of the importance of the bleeding process in the production of high-quality and sustainable pig. Proper blood collection and processing is essential to ensure meat quality.

Optimizing the Process for Greater Efficiency

Optimizing the pig bleeding process is essential to ensure efficiency in slaughterhouses. From receiving the pigs to their incorporation into the production chain, each stage is essential and must be carried out with precision and care. By following these guidelines, we can improve meat quality and ensure a more efficient process in the pork industry.

Pigs bleeding equipment

We offer a range of products for pig bleeding such as:

  • Bleeding Table (fixed or dynamic)
  • Bleeding Vat
  • Bleeding Elevator
  • Bleeding Conveyor

At Mecanova, we are also committed to ensuring food safety at all times. Therefore, our bleeding equipment is designed to minimize cross-contamination and prevent the spread of disease, thus ensuring that the meat produced is safe and healthy for human consumption. We ensure we comply with food safety regulations and work with our customers to ensure the highest quality and safety at all times.