Pork Bleeding Conveyor

Functionality of the Pork Bleeding Conveyor

The bleeding conveyor for pigs has the function of transporting the carcasses during the required bleeding and scalding time. Depending on the type of scald it may have different configurations and chains.

Traditional tank scalding, rotary or push, simply requires transportation, so a simple vertical chain type conveyor is enough.

However, scalding by dragging or vertical scalding by showers or simply more production requires conveyors with chain development and horizontal sprockets.

Other conditions such as the type of dehairing machine or release position determine how to carry the beds on the conveyor, so that the bleeding and scalding hooks can slide along a tubular profile or must be suspended from a hook on the chain itself.

The type of chain used must allow the load calculation based on the production and route of the chain and take into account the changes in level and the requirement regarding the radius of the change in level, based on these, will recommend one chain or another.

The type of chain chosen will have a strong influence on the price, although price is the least important variable when choosing the most appropriate chain, since this machine is critical to guarantee the operation of the line without stops, since the stops here cause loss of staff performance and loss of meat, both critical for the profitability and competitiveness of the slaughterhouse.

Advantages of our Pork Bleeding and Scalding Conveyor

  1. Maximum quality of all components.
  2. Customized design for each need.
  3. Machine design with experience accumulated over 40 years.

Technical specifications

of our Pork Bleeding Conveyor

Structurally manufactured using UPN profiles in hot-dip galvanized F-111 steel
Chain of the highest quality and western manufacturing
Ø80 mm high-hardness polyamide wheel, which moves on UPN guides
Hardened and zinc-plated F-111 geras with maximum developments to guarantee the best gearing
Transmission by direct planetary gear motor to the shaft, power depending on the calculation
Pneumatic chain tension
Hardened and zinc-plated chain trolley holders

Data Sheet

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