Pork Restrainer

Functionality of the Pork Restrainer

The pork restrainer is the ideal machine for driving and electrically stunning pigs (by electronarcosis). The complicated task of driving animals in the facilities is significantly facilitated with a restrainer, since it picks up the animals at a zero level, and drives them automatically, raising and dosing them to the stunning point. Place that should be above the bleeding table to facilitate positioning and subsequent disgorging. This equipment is ideal for stunning with forceps and subsequent discharge onto a bleeding table.

The ‘V’ conveyor belts, in addition to driving comfortably and with little stress, immobilize the animal, positioning it optimally at the stunning point. The restrainers are suitable for animals of very different weights and measurements, although they can be adjusted both in their separation and the height of the upper protective roof, a necessary element to prevent the animals from trying to climb over each other.

For the restrainer, a tunnel of conduction is necessary prior to the machine and a bleeding table for the animal to exit from it.

Advantages of our Pork Restrainer (manual or automatic)

  1. Robust, long-lasting and low-maintenance machine.
  2. Easy cleaning due to the manufacturing materials.
  3. Easy assembly in any installation.

Technical specifications

of our pIG restrainer

Recommended for productions of 80 to 400 pigs per hour
Accepts animals from 50 to 300kg
Structurally manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel using structural tubes
Modular Acetal Belt
Two 1.1kW motors
Pneumatically adjustable upper support or protection
Includes electrical protection and control panel
Support plates for conveyor belts in 5mm thick stainless steel

Data Sheet

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