A variety of equipment designed to guarantee the quality of the final product, from the beginning of the process

Pork Stunning

Mecanova has almost 40 years of experience in pork stunning systems, we focus on satisfying the needs of our clients with investments in R&D&i and Animal Welfare regulatory compliance.

We are constantly working to develop innovative solutions that comply with regulations and provide quality meat. As well as offering a wide range of swine stunning systems, we also provide advice and technical support to ensure effective implementation and optimal operation. We are proud to partner with our customers to find customized solutions that fit their specific meat processing needs and help improve the efficiency and profitability of their business.

Pork stunning for superior meat quality

The pork stunning process plays a crucial role in obtaining exceptional quality pork. Mecanova’s swine stunning systems offer solutions that comply with animal welfare regulations and significantly improve meat quality. Our dedication to innovation and regulatory compliance allows us to provide our customers with the technology and support necessary to achieve unmatched quality standards in pork, regardless of the size of their processing plant.

Stunning for high quality pigs

We offer a wide range of stunning products for pigs, including:

  • CO2 stunning system
  • Restrainer (manual or automatic stunning)
  • Pig stunning Box

Whether you have a small regional slaughterhouse or one of the largest processing plants in the world, at Mecanova we have the perfect solution for you.

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