Pork stunning box

Functionality of the Pork Stunning Box

The operation of immobilizing pigs for stunning in small facilities requires boxes designed for this task, complying with animal welfare regulations.

This equipment requires a prior individual conduction sleeve and access, and a subsequent bleeding table. For the actual stunning work, electrical equipment with impedance control and data recording that complies with regulations is recommended.

The animal accesses the box from the sleeve thanks to a gate or sectional door, which gives way to the box individually. The box requires a concrete floor, as does the chute ramp, giving security and relaxation to the animal. This facilitates their entry, stunning, and subsequent exit and cleaning of the area.

The animal accesses the box calmly and safely since the concrete floor provides security. Once inside, the pneumatic gate closes while the side door presses and holds it, immobilizing it. It’s time for the operator to stun him with electronarcosis.

Once the recommended 7 seconds of electric shock have been exceeded, the side door that holds it opens, freeing it and allowing the animal to fall to the bleeding table, where it must be pricked before the first 7 seconds.

This design allows the entry, stunning and exit of the animal quickly and with little effort from the operators. This prevents the animal from being damaged or suffering, and thus eliminates petechiae in the meat and broken ribs and backbones, ensuring compliance with animal welfare.

Advantages of our pork stunning box

  1. Easy to install and maintain.
  2. It is the machine that allows the most efficient operation on the market.
  3. It is the system that achieves the highest quality of animal welfare and meat quality.

Technical specifications

of our pig stunning box

Structurally manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel with structural tubular profile and 5mm thick sheet metal.
Includes sectional dosing door and pneumatic access made of stainless steel and polyethylene
Movements by pneumatic actuators of European manufacture of sufficient capacity
Pneumatic control panel or panel with air drying and lubrication unit

Data sheet

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