What is the price of building a Slaughterhouse?

Do you have a meat processing industry, are you a group of farmers who want to study the possibility of knowing the price of building a slaughterhouse to reduce costs or do you want to increase the profitability of your business thanks to vertical integration?

In order to study and analyze the possibility of knowing the price of building a slaughterhouse, it is necessary to find out the costs and operating needs, as well as the requirements for land, water, electrical connection, personnel… without leaving aside, of course. , knowing the profitability of said investment. In addition to the economic terms, it is necessary to study other aspects such as the social and environmental impact of the new project, something that must be taken into account from the outset.

If you are clear that these last aspects are manageable from the perspective of a modern, sustainable slaughterhouse and an economic focus that creates employment and wealth in the area, you can start the study process. Here we recommend that you do this study in the hands of expert professionals or slaughterhouse construction companies.

Mecanova, thanks to its extensive experience, has been helping multiple entrepreneurs who started in this company and we do it together in the following way.

In the first place, the needs and requirements of the new facility are jointly defined: species, predominant weights, daily and weekly productions, working hours, deboning level, national destination or export of products, salary cost level… to measure the degree of automation of its installation, we also define if it will include packaging, frozen, processed, etc.

With these data, the physical location of the plot, the size, the availability of water and the access roads, a plan of the installation is dimensioned. In this plan, not only work processes and achievement of production objectives are defined and can be observed, but also distribution and urbanization of the plot, level of automation, personnel requirements, consumption of water, electricity, cold and heat, and what is more important, what is the price of building a slaughterhouse and its operation. The flows are also observed and can be submitted for review and validation by the Local Agro-sanitary Authorities.

Make the price of a Slaughterhouse Profitable

To achieve maximum profitability when building a slaughterhouse, it is necessary to optimize the investment cost/payback period equation, together with the operating cost and its impact on the kg of meat produced.

The amortization period required for the new installation must be the maximum possible, provided that financing allows it, in this way, we will charge less costs per kg of meat produced. For this purpose, the installation and the machines must be of quality and guarantee a Long useful life. In this sense, it is convenient to look for the purchase of equipment with the best quality/price ratio.

The optimal design of a facility will depend on the production it is going to have and the present and future labor costs in the area where it is going to be built, in this way an optimal level of automation will be incorporated for each area or facility, which will result in the lowest cost per kg of meat produced.

In the price of building a slaughterhouse, one of the biggest costs, in addition to personnel, is energy, due to how intensive it is in cold and heat. To achieve maximum efficiency, good design and an efficient refrigeration system must be considered.

In addition to their skills in managing their business to achieve maximum profitability from the slaughterhouse, the maximum use of all the products and by-products of a slaughterhouse that are obtained must be considered, without forgetting the use of new renewable energies such as energy solar, cogeneration of hot water (with the use of cold equipment), etc.

Mecanova’s engineering team can help you with all this and more, through preliminary studies of slaughterhouses and thanks to the design and manufacture of facilities and machinery with the best quality/price ratio.