Quota change Elevator-Descender Installation

This week MECANOVA has installed a new air conveyor for the change of quota in cold rooms for lamb

New installation of elevator-descender wheel of dimensions in birrail way

The MECANOVA team has developed a new aerial conveyor or wheel to change the elevation of the Twinl track in lamb chambers. Thanks to this new elevator – descender system for the trolleys, this client will be able to easily carry out the work of changing the quota to overcome the different heights that it has in its installation and with the least possible effort. As you can see in both the videos and the photos, the carts with accumulation channels loaded with lambs go down and up without any effort or error. This conveyor works with a gear motor and a system of pushers and brakes to make it possible to be bidirectional, that is, it serves as a trolleys descender but can also act as a trolley elevator.

This automatic quota elevation – descender is the product of the good work of the MECANOVA team of engineers, who after studying the client’s needs have been able to develop this solution, achieving the satisfaction of our client, and of the entire team that has made it possible to develop this solution. .

This type of elevation – descender is designed to suit the needs of the client, to overcome the different rolling heights that the client has and depending on the type of track they have, since it can be manufactured for:

  • Twin track
  • Tubular track
  • Flat or Plate track

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