Restrainer for pigs, how to transport them to the stunned without stress

Do you want a safe and effective way to restrain your pigs without causing them stress or discomfort? With a restrainer for pigs you will be able to restrain the animals in an effective and humane way without causing them any harm.

The pig restrainer is a professional level tool that facilitates the control and immobilization of pigs during their transfer to the stunning area and later to the bleeding table, complying with the European Animal Welfare regulations. Its robust construction and well-designed features allow it to keep pigs safely and stably in place, without causing them any harm.

One of the biggest advantages of the pig restrainer is its versatility. It can be used on pigs of all sizes, from small piglets to large sows. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, so you can use it over and over again without worrying about it getting dirty or damaged.

Another great feature of the swine restraint is its safety. It has been designed with the welfare of the pigs in mind and uses gentle but effective restraints to keep the pig in place. This means that the pig will not be stressed or scared, thus avoiding any quality problems in the meat.

There are also automatic stunning models which increase the productivity of the machine.

Complete intallation with a Restrainer for Pigs

In addition, for a complete facility, the hauling chute for before the pig restrainer and the bleeding table, once it leaves the restrainer, will be a fundamental part of the stunning and bleeding area of your facility.

In general, the design of a pig restraint system focuses on providing a safe and effective way to hold pigs in place, while minimizing stress and discomfort to the animals. By using a well-designed and properly constructed hog restraint, you can ensure pig welfare and monetize your facility with quality meat.

It is the most suitable transition for the modernization of lines with productions of 100 pigs per hour or more instead of the stunning box.

In short, trust experts to achieve your objective, to make the most of your investment. We serve our products anywhere in the world, ask us!!!