Sheep bleeding


In this phase we are prepared to meet the needs in accordance with the required processes, including ritual bleeding.

Sheep Bleeding

At Mecanova, we understand the importance of blood treatment in the production of high-quality and sustainable sheep meat. Proper collection and processing of blood is essential to ensure that meat is free of contaminants, and that blood byproducts are used in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Optimization of the Ovine Bleeding Process

Efficiency in slaughterhouses depends largely on the optimization of the sheep bleeding process. From receiving the sheep and lambs to their incorporation into the production chain, each stage is essential and must be carried out with precision and care. By following these guidelines, we can improve meat quality and ensure a more efficient process in the pork industry.

Advanced Technology for Efficient Collection

Our blood collection systems are designed to ensure efficiency and sustainability. We use advanced technology to minimize environmental impact and reduce operating costs. Additionally, we comply with all regulations and quality standards, ensuring that the blood collected can be safely used in pharmaceuticals and other high-quality uses.

Sheep Bleeding Equipment

We offer a wide range of products for sheep bleeding, such as:

  • Reception Table
  • Dynamic Bleeding Table

At Mecanova, we are also committed to ensuring food safety at all times. Therefore, our bleeding equipment is designed to minimize cross-contamination and prevent the spread of disease, ensuring that the meat produced is safe and healthy for human consumption. We comply with food safety regulations and collaborate with our customers to ensure maximum quality and safety at all times.

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