Sheep dressing


Perfectly designed facilities for dressing.

Dressing for Sheep

In the field of sheep dressing, Mecanova stands out for its extensive experience, covering both larger (70 kg) and smaller (8 kg) sheep. Our proposal adapts to different solutions, considering both the predominant weights of the carcasses and the production capacity per hour.

Customized solutions for Sheep Dreesing

Mecanova offers a variety of equipment designed to meet various needs, allowing you to:

  • Maximize performance per operator, thus improving slaughter cutting efficiency.
  • Reduce effort as much as possible, facilitating manual operations during slaughter.
  • Guarantee hygiene and eliminate contamination risks in all slaughter operations, ensuring the quality of the final product.

Efficient and hygienic sheep dressing

We specialize in providing solutions adapted to the different weights of the carcasses, whether they are larger or smaller. Our equipment is designed to efficiently handle the slaughter of sheep of different sizes, ensuring a fluid and optimized production process.

At Mecanova, we understand the importance of hygiene when slaughtering sheep. Our equipment is designed to guarantee maximum hygiene and eliminate any risk of contamination in all phases of slaughter. We prioritize the quality of the final product and strive to meet the highest food safety standards.

Commitment to Efficiency and Wellbeing

Our commitment goes beyond the efficiency of the process. We strive to maximize performance per operator, reducing workload and facilitating manual operations. At Mecanova, we seek excellence in sheep slaughter, ensuring efficient and sustainable production.

Trust Mecanova for specialized solutions that adapt to your specific needs in sheep slaughter. Our experience and commitment to quality guarantee exceptional results at every stage of the process.

Our equipment for Sheep Dressing

We offer the following range of products for sheep dressing:

  • Dressing Conveyors
  • Fixed Dressing Platforms
  • Offals Conveyors
  • White Offals Conveyor Belt