Handling for sheep


Sheep management that guarantees the quality of the final product

Sheep Handling

The importance of respectfully and efficiently handling sheep before slaughter goes beyond the simple process; It has a direct impact on the well-being of the animals and, therefore, on the final quality of the meat that reaches our table.

At Mecanova, we embrace ethics and sustainability as fundamental principles. Our commitment is reflected in the offer of systems and equipment designed not only to improve production efficiency, but also to raise animal welfare standards. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge in handling sheep in pens can generate unnecessary stress, negatively affecting both the animals and the production process.

Reducing Stress in the Pens with Mecanova

In our efforts to provide comprehensive solutions, we focus on minimizing stress in the pens. Our equipment is meticulously designed to ensure the comfort and safety of sheep and rams, which in turn results in more efficient handling.

Options for Stress-Free Sheep Handling

We offer a variety of stabling options, all designed for stress-free and sheep-friendly management. These include:

  • Tunnel of Conduction: Our tunnel of conduction is an ideal solution for stress-free handling. These element allows for calm and safe guidance of the sheep, ensuring a smooth and respectful driving process.
  • Automated Pen: it is another outstanding option in our range of products. Designed with animal welfare in mind, it facilitates efficient and safe handling of sheep before slaughter.

Trust Mecanova for an Optimal Handling

When you choose Mecanova, you are choosing to improve sheep management in your production significantly. From beginning to slaughter, our equipment not only increases efficiency, but also improves the final quality of the meat. Discover how we can make a difference in your operation today. Trust us for a management process that takes care of both your animals and your production!