Products according to the processes of a Sheep Slaughterhouse

Sheep Slaughterhouses


Mecanova once again anticipates your needs in the sheep slaughterhouse lines. During the last forty years, sheep slaughter lines have been largely forgotten, with the exception of high production lines. That is why we take a step forward, covering the needs of a market that needs more automation in processes.

We have designed machines that greatly improve each of the processes, always complying with the Animal Welfare regulations and the Health Requirements for Homologation of the European Union.

We offer personalized solutions for each client, guaranteeing quality and safety in the slaughter, cutting and handling processes of meat. With almost 40 years of experience, we are proud to be a cost-effective option for those looking to improve their efficiency in sheep slaughterhouses. If you need high-quality, custom-made equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Customized Sheep Slaughterhouses Equipment

  1. Work with different types of animals on the same line and during the same day, from a 7kg kid to 70kg animals: optimize processes, taking into account the specifications of each type of animal
  2. Total automation: skinning tasks are usually very manual and not at all ergonomic, despite the automation of movement on conveyors
  3. Skin care: the skinning operation must take care that the skin is not damaged, since it has a significant value of the total carcass.

At Mecanova we are committed to making your company profitable at all times. Therefore, our sheep slaughterhouse equipment is designed to optimize production, thereby ensuring that the meat is safe and healthy for human consumption. We ensure we comply with food safety standards and work with our customers to ensure the highest quality and safety at all times. Click the button below now and receive a personalized and exclusive offer for your company! Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your production with our experienced experts!


  • Adaptation to each type of animal.
  • Carcass and skin care in all processes.
  • Reduction of human effort