Stomach Cleaning Machine

Functionality of the Stomach Cleaning Machine

The Stomach Cleaning Machine is a centrifugal machine for cleaning beef and sheep stomachs. Simplifies and rationalizes work, essential in all offals facilities.

First, we separate the stomach, which we open on the emptying table to extract the stomach residue. This waste falls through a grate into a pneumatic cannon that will expel this waste outside to the container provided for this purpose. This cannon uses pneumatic pressure to exert a force that launches the waste through a PVC pipe and into the container.

This emptied stomach is turned and introduced into the beef stomach whitening and cleaning machine, which does the work with hot water at about 65 degrees and for about 15 minutes long. This machine is suitable for working with omasums, if this option is incorporated.

Advantages of our Stomach Cleaning Machine

  1. We ship this product to any part of the world.
  2. Easy assembly.
  3. Deep cleaning in stomachs and omasums without the need for chemicals.

Technical specifications

of our stomach cleaning machine

Made of AISI-304 Stainless Steel
Loading and unloading gate with waterproof seal
Internal acoustic insulation chamber
Centralization of grease points
Product extraction tray
Top gate for product introduction
Accessories on higher models: Feeding hopper and Pneumatic exit door
Requirements for assembly: Water line, steam line, 4C 5mm line to the Electrical Panel, collector to receive and channel water, anchoring base
P-75 V4 CVSHEEP: 150-200 stomachs/hour
CATTLE: 10-12 stomachs/hour
P-105 V5,5 CVSHEEP: 300-400 stomachs/hour
CATTLE: 30-40 stomachs/hour
P-505 V10 CVSHEEP: 600-800 stomachs/hour
CATTLE: 60-80 stomachs/hour
P-705 V20 CVSHEEP: 1200-1400 stomachs/hour
CATTLE: 100-120 stomachs/hour

Data Sheet

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