equipment for stunning

Range of stunning equipment adapted to the needs of each client

Equipment for Stunning

The choice and adoption of appropriate stunning equipment is essential to improve efficiency, ethics and sustainability in cattle, sheep and pig slaughterhouses. Technology plays a central role in this advancement, offering solutions that benefit both producers and consumers. By prioritizing animal welfare, operational efficiency and sustainability, the meat industry can move towards a more ethical and responsible future.

Cattle Stunning Equipment

Stunning cattle is an essential step in the slaughter process. Ensuring effective stunning not only meets ethical standards, but also directly impacts meat quality. Advanced machines, such as captive bolt guns, allow for rapid and accurate stunning, minimizing animal suffering.

Sheep Stunning Equipment

For sheep, selecting the right stunning machine is crucial. Devices designed specifically for sheep guarantee optimal stunning, taking into account the unique characteristics of this species. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures the safety of both the animal and staff.

Pig Stunning Equipment

Stunning pigs presents particular challenges due to anatomical differences. Specialized machine, such as controlled electroshock systems, are ideal for this purpose. These devices allow for precise stunning, minimizing stress and ensuring a smooth transition to subsequent stages of the process.

The importance of technological innovations in Stunning Equipment

With constant advances in technology, stunning equipment has seen significant improvements. State-of-the-art sensors, automated controllers and real-time monitoring systems optimize operational efficiency. This not only improves process quality but also provides a safer working environment.

Normative compliance

Investing in cutting edge stunning equipment is not only an operational improvement, but also a crucial measure to comply with industry regulations and standards. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies ensures that slaughterhouses operate ethically and meet established standards.

Ethical and sustainable considerations: The focus on Animal Welfare

The adoption of advanced stunning equipment reflects a commitment to animal welfare. Not only is this ethical, but it can also be a key differentiator in an increasingly conscious market. Consumers increasingly value the ethical provenance of meat products, making investment in stunning technologies a strategic decision.

Environmental sustainability

Efficiency is not only about the speed of the process, but also its environmental impact. Efficient equipment contributes to sustainability by reducing resource consumption and minimizing waste. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but it can also be a selling point for consumers concerned about sustainability.

Our Stunning Machines

We offer a range according to the preferences of each client:

  • Captive Bolt Stunning Gun
  • Pneumatic Bolt Stunner
  • Sheep Electric Stunning Fork
  • Pork Electric Stunning Tongs
  • Electric Stunner with Data Logger

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