Three machines that ensuring food safety in a pork slaughterhouse

Ensuring food safety in a slaughterhouse is possible thanks to the automation of processes. It has always been important to guarantee food safety, and in a slaughterhouse, it is the highest priority. Food safety is the absence of risk of contamination of the product to be consumed, that …

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How to avoid contamination in pig carcasses?

Pig carcasses are the most likely to be contaminated in slaughterhouses, and it is possible to avoid it to guarantee the profitability of the investment. Here we tell you how to avoid contamination of pork carcasses. Pig meat is a complex kind to process, almost from …

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From the farm to the table: the phases which pork meat goes through

Until it reaches our tables, pork goes through different phases. Unlike beef or sheep, pork must go through different Pork Cutting processes in the Slaughterhouse to ensure its quality. Pork meat is a very special product, also considered “white meat” by the WHO, which indicates that …

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Pig Slaughterhouses in Spain, the real meat suppliers in China

Pig slaughterhouses in Spain could see an increase in their profits with the increase in pork exports to China and other Asian countries. Pork meat has become this quarter in one of the most exported products from Spain since January. The pork slaughterhouses have increased their production …

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