Machines to use in cattle slaughterhouse

Automation within cattle slaughterhouse is the key to all production processes thanks to specialized machines. The machines within cattle slaughterhouses must be robust and resistant, due to the size of the animals that get inside these facilities. The volume of the carcasses might suppose a drawback of handling …

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New shipment of slaughterhouse equipment to Belarus

Despite the heavy frost and the historic snowfall, Mecanova continues meeting our clients goals by sending equipment for slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouse equipment: Shipping to Belarus despite historic snowfall Mecanova keeps manufacturing and shipping orders despite of the snowfall that the storm “Filomena” has left behind. This week, thanks to the …

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Installation of a stunning system by CO2 for pigs in Teruel

Mecanova has made and sent a stunning system by CO2 for pigs to an important client in Teruel (Spain) with the aim of increasing the production of their slaughterhouse. Stunning: Increased production in the Teruel slaughterhouse Mecanova has carried out the start-up of a new stunning system for pigs …

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Shipment of a complete equipment of offal machinery and meat rails to France

 This week Mecanova has sent and started the installation a whole equipment of offal machinery, a cattle box, electric saws and an aluminium twin track system for an important client in France. Offal: Shipping and installation of complete slaughterhouse equipment in France It is a totally new slaughterhouse …

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New shipment of chamber of beef carcasses to Algeria

This week, Mecanova has prepared and sent a team to Algeria, consisting of a chamber for beef carcasses, a double rail track with hydraulic arms and retractable steps. Beef carcasses chamber: Innovation and modernization in the Algerian meat industry Takign part in the project of modernizing the meat industry in Algeria, …

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